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Silage Safety: Common-Sense Caution Around Equipment

Silage Safety: Common-Sense Caution Around Equipment

Every year, accidents occur in the process of making and feeding silage. In some cases, resulting in fatalities or serious injuries. Everyone at the farm can help avoid accidents by being aware of the risks and how to prevent them.

Equipment and machinery pose a range of hazards on farm operations. When working around equipment, follow these safety tips:

  1. Never repair any machinery while it is running. Always switch off and isolate from the source of power and make sure the machinery has stopped. Keep machine guards and shields in place at all times. They protect the operator from an assortment of rotating shafts, chain and v-belt drives, gears and pulley wheels, and rotating knives on pull-type and self-propelled harvesters, tractors, unloading wagons and silage feeding equipment.
  2. Adjust rear view mirrors on all tractors and trucks.
  3. Install back-up warning alarms.
  4. Never allow people (especially children) in or near a bunker silo or drive-over pile during filling or feedout.

Even experienced operators can become frustrated with malfunctioning equipment, resulting in misjudging a situation, taking a hazardous shortcut or performing a risky action.

Working together, we can be safe around silage and send everyone on our silage team home to their family safe, every day.