Key selling points
  • Contains enzymes to improve release of sugars
  • Covers a wide range of DM and crop species
  • Developed for forages that are less difficult to ensile
  • Faster fermentation for better DM protection
Dedicated to
  • Grass & Alfalfa
Mode of action


1/ Sil-All LV optimizes the acidification process.

2/ Sil-All LV provides better energy and DM retention.

3/ Sil-All LV inhibits micro-organisms, resulting in increased stability at feedout.



Pack size              4 x 250g

Treated tons      50T

Application         50 mL/T up to 2 L/T



The use of Sil-All LV is not a substitute for good management practices


For the application of this product, we recommend the use of Selmech Ultra Low Applicator.

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