Key selling points
  • Improves dry matter (DM) protection
  • Increases stability at feedout
  • Inhibits spoilage due to yeasts and molds
  • Perfect for difficult-to-ensile forages
  • Reduces heating
Dedicated to
  • Beans & pulses
  • Bi-crops
  • Corn & Sorghum
  • Grass & Alfalfa
  • Wholecrop
Mode of action

In addition to its homolactic bacteria that drive fermentation, Sil-All Fireguard enhances aerobic stability thanks to a combination of chemical agents. The result is silage that stays cooler for longer.


1/ Sil-All Fireguard enhances the speed of fermentation during the first days of ensiling.

+ Protects DM

+ Preserves energy

+ Preserves digestibility

+ Preserves protein

+ Activates stability enhancers


2/ Sil-All Fireguard reduces spoilage thanks to anti-molding agents.

Potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate become increasingly antifungal as the pH falls, killing yeast and mold to enhance silage stability at feed out and reduce DM loss.


+ Controls stability

+ Reduces spoilage organisms

+ Reduces DM loss


Also recommended for HMC (high moisture corn) treatment.


Pack size              7.5 kg

Treated tons      50T

Application         2 L/T


The use of Sil-All Fireguard is not a substitute for good management practices.