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Farmer’s talk : Kohortis Milk Dairy Farm

Farmer’s talk : Kohortis Milk Dairy Farm

Farm name:  Kohortis Milk Dairy Farm

Farm owners: Elena Koleva & Nikolay Kolev

Location: Korten, Bulgaria

Number of animals: 550 head, 300 milking cows

Milk yield: 10 400 kg/cow/year

Silage Inoculant: Sil-All® 4×4+


Results: “We have been using the Sil-All forage inoculant product range for several years now, and we have been delighted with the results. Silage treated with Sil-All 4×4+ is very palatable, nutritious and production costs are low. This has allowed us to achieve high milk yields while using less concentrate in the feed ration.

In addition, the high quality of the silage makes for healthier cows, and this has contributed to improved profitability from selling heifers, due to the reduced culling rate.”