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Farmer Testimonial

Farmer’s talk : Adrian Douglas

Farmer’s talk : Adrian Douglas

Farmer Focus:  Adrian Douglas

Location: Kilmore, County Down, Northern Ireland

Operation: 60 beef cows and calves fed to finishing weights

Silage Production: Grass silage

Silage Challenges: Spoilage at feedout, nutrient retention, feed intake

Silage Inoculant: Sil-All® 4×4+

Results: “To say that we are impressed with the impact of Sil-All 4×4+ is an understatement. Our first cut is probably the best silage we have ever made, and silage intakes are well up with absolutely no waste at the pit face. Our cattle have never finished so easily and being able to get them away quicker has helped to reduce our costs. Improving the quality of the silage is an efficient way to drive performance across the whole herd. The cost of applying Sil-All 4×4+ is minimal when taken on a cost per head per day basis — any very slight increase in performance is enough to cover the cost of the application.”