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Why paying attention to silage quality is vitally important?

Why paying attention to silage quality is vitally important?

In most farms, silage is the main component of cows’ feed intake. As feed cost is the main expense, it requires a great attention.

Are you sure you are fully aware of the consequences bad preserved silage can have?

When ensiling your forage, you are valorizating your home-grown ressources you have invested into. When silage is not properly fermented, undesirable organisms grow and the nutritional potential of your forage (poteins, plant sugars…) are consumed by spoilage organisms instead of being available for your animal.

With forage not bringing enough nutrient, replacement feed needs to be bought leading to extra costs. With the current challenging market conditions, this is more than ever something you have to be extremely careful of.

On the other hand, spoilage organisms can lead to toxins production in your silage such as mycotoxins which can cause major fertility issues. Unhealthy cattle potentially results of vet costs increase and animal productivity decrease.

At the end, with less productivity and higher extra costs, your business profit is directly impacted by your silage quality.

Silage is the starting point defining your farm success so take good care of it!


  • Protect your home grown forage investment with an appropriate fermentation
  • Inoculants preserve silage milk potential by protecting its nutritional value
  • Quality silage is key for farm profit ensuring healthy animals and reduced vet costs
  • Treating silage, even during challenging market conditions, limits production costs


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