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Tips for creating quality silage @Ensiling

Tips for creating quality silage @Ensiling

The Do and the Don’t when ensiling.


Silage quality defines the dairy farm profitability as it affects milk production, feed conversion and the amount of feed brought in. it also contribute to herd fertility and health.

In order to make the most of your forage, make sure to follow those instructions below:


  • Cut height of at least 15 cm to avoid soil contamination.
  • Use oxygen barrier plastic to ensure anaerobic atmosphere.
  • Sheet side walls and overlap by 2 m.
  • Compact in thin layers (< 20 cm) to optimize compaction.
  • Constantly compact and if necessary, use more than one packing tractor.
  • Sheet overnight        if you cannot ensile in 1 day.
  • Introduce soil which could contaminate your forage.
  • Compact in the morning before adding fresh forage otherwise you will push out the CO2 produced overnight.
  • Add thick layers of forage.
  • Fill over the height of the wall to avoid poor compaction.
  • Leave the clamp un-sheeted.

To download this tip, click on the PDF below