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Team focus : Henk Van Bergen – Netherlands

Team focus : Henk Van Bergen – Netherlands

Could you please tell us your job function and explain what your actions are, on a daily basis, to support Sil-All?

It is my responsibility to educate the market that we have the best solutions for professional farmers to make silage. To do so, I work together with partners to spread this message, making sure that our products find their way to the dairy and beef farmer and that the products are used under optimal circumstances.


What’s your favorite part of the job?

Seeing that we have more and more customers who are happy users of Sil-All.


Why did you decide to work in the agri industry?

The world of Agriculture is my home. That is why I choose to study Animal Science and have been working ever since for companies with a dedication to agriculture.


What are your main challenges when you talk about silage inoculants?

Bacteria are not visible for the eye. So explaining for example how 1 million Sil-All bacteria work together to improve silage quality is a challenge.


Why are Sil-All products the most valuable offer for your customers?

More feed preserved, more feed intake, more milk or beef production. This means more profit per hectare for the customer.


Anything else you would like to add?

Reducing the carbon foodprint of milk and beef production is always in our minds. The best way to do so is to produce more milk and/or beef per hectare.


Henk Van Bergen
Business Development Director – Animal Nutrition
The Netherlands