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Tips on how to select plastic covers for silage?

Tips on how to select plastic covers for silage?

Sheeting and plastic covering.

Nearly every negative issue that occurs in silage can be traced back to the penetration of air (oxygen) into the pile, sealing the silo efficiently is crucial to preserving the feed value of your forage.

Keep these things in mind before selecting your silage plastic:

  • The layer of silage directly beneath the plastic has naturally the slowest fermentation rate and the highest risk for microbial spoilage.
  • Choose 5-mil white plastic to avoid heating. Dark colored plastic absorbs sunlight, increasing the temperature of the top layer of the silage and can result in heat damage and excessive nutrient loss.
  • Silage plastics are not created equal in terms of the protection offered. Before purchasing a product, ask what the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) is and ask to see independent laboratory test results.
  • Cover the side walls of your bunker with plastic which should be then folded over onto top of the silage (aim for 2 meter overlap).
  • Keep the top plastic cover to reuse for use as side wall covers for next season. 


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