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Farmer’s talk : Petri Kurvinen

Farmer’s talk : Petri Kurvinen

Farm name: Hovin tila (owners : Petri Kurvinen & Simola Sini)
Location: Finland
Your name and role on farm: Petri Kurvinen (co-owner/farm manager)

Production description:

Number of cows (heads): 66
Milk production (kg/cow/year): 11.500 kg
Tonnes of silage produced per year: 1.500
Nature of the crop: grass

Harvest description:

  • Typical weather conditions: sunny
  • Typical duration of the wilt: < 24 hours
  • Is the forage conditioned? yes

On farm challenges:

” We compared Sil-All 4×4+ with another silage additive. The milk production with Sil-All 4×4+ was much higher than expected.

The other silage additive did preserve well but the high level of sugars was a challenge and the diet had to be adapted.

With Sil-All 4×4+ treated silages we were able to increase DM-intake and milk output”

Example of milk output at Hovin tila (Maitoa /lehmä=milk/cow)